Gina never took Lee dancing…

2 responses to “Gina never took Lee dancing…”

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    blogging is JOY.
    at least to Dave;
    but is not known
    that certain W.M.’s
    have created these
    fantasy idea’s which
    it’s THEY who mandates
    what inclusion on this www
    does reach the globe. That old
    inferiority complex work? Please
    don’t feel as YOU that have anything
    to do with, or have done or do any thing
    that encourage’s David to cast the notions
    that are just about to be set before the globe
    to share what’s been in my thinking cap for too
    many day’s. He hopes that in doing so he elevates
    each and every other WM to allay our fears in this #3
    fear (possibly paranoia at work) of this message: David
    does not wish to stomp or even nudge the builders of WP
    and or YT the wrong way. disharmony is never the idea or a
    mood that’s made |o/ purposely. If that’s what it is perhaps an
    introspection might benefit those who just know tho have/do a
    disservice to each netizen roaming the world-wide-web to go and
    use the power they DO OWN to enact any nefarious notion of who’s
    worthy enough to gain a worldwide exposure. We’ve not a clue as
    to who might be guilty of this simple ability; nor to infer that an
    employee/employer feel that it is you that created a possible
    fault in this subject; so chill be thankful you even earn a pay
    check doing what you love/are proud to be instrumental in
    this little web of ideas/JOY\ability. Into which David’s sure
    most of weMASTER’s are. Perhaps this is a good concept
    to encourage a conversation that is not only part of my
    own safety net; where understanding of truth, practice
    and active assistance is purveyed. Thank you W.M.’s 4
    what you do. hasta.


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