you all never sound good, like Madness.

maybe not, but that’d be having us being copycats… nah; we got our own

‘just you wait till i get to college, Huntsville ‘ “you know man, when we were

getting our T-MAX; the other bookland down the hill from the art dept. o0

yea, Andy was telling me about these cats he knows in Austin that make a

movie or somethin’, eh… Andy said his high-school antics was worthy of a

moovie, you knew he’s a townee right? yea… ‘ Slacker; that movie he said

about… anyhow, looks like HE knows those cats, and there was this autob.

story he talked about… a movie? yea, we got a sorta cool reggae gig, X’s…

Jonathan’s brother hung out with SidB, our gitar payed for a room on that

shack, you know, by that shuffleboard bar… don no… One day Reid and me

were pulling a double at Pizza Hut Delivery on Lake Road… “hey man, let’s

make a band or something. You play Bass, Lee sings. John’s know gitar; and i always sound to be like those cats in

England… i got a horn; let’s get together this weekend ati ‘O-House” is having fiesta’s lately, that chick Stac-E loves

a T-bone player; Bill… t’ll be a hoot, say let’s throw concerts in Austin, in Houston and College Station ‘TXA&M’ got a

contest for a recording contract? yea… that’s the ticket. me ‘n’ Jonathan go fishing allot, he drums this band called

the Texas Questions; we cool. You cool man?


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