NOT SO MUCH, this…

so… see as much as

you like; we are only

making a silent offer

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Grandpa Jones HH

JustineF is…
is very much
cooler than i




suggestions not

a set of rules, that


is offered U.S. to their

Do take time for prayer.

Take more time to be alone

with Me. So only will you prosper.

Realize that the hearing of Spirit Sounds

is more than the hearing of all earth’s noises.

am with you. Let that content you, nay, more, let

that fill you with rapture. Seek sometimes not even to

hear Me. Seek a silence of spirit-understanding with Me. Be

not afraid. All is well. Dwell much on what did, as well as what I said.

Remember, I “touched her hand, and the fever left her.” Not many words,

just a moment’s contact and all fever left her. She was well, whole, calm, able

to arise and “minister unto them.”

My touch is still a potent healer.

Just feel that touch. Sense My

Presence… that fever of work

and care and fear just melts

in nothingness; health, joy,

and peace, take it’s place.

“For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, be whole.” Matthew 9:21

Preacher Fox:

Talk to gravestone

now don’t go believin’

that I’m shaky! I still got it

Ben! I don’t lie to you, or God.

I still take care of Rabbit and Bear

you know! [picks up gravestone and begins

to carry it with him] An’ I don’t want you or Mama

to worry none ’cause ol’ Fox here he doesn’t gonna…


Work –

Spend more time alone with Me.

A strength and a Joy come from such times that

will add much to your friendship, and much to your work.

Times of prayer are times of growth. Cut those times short and

many well-filled hours of work may be profitless. Heaven’s values are

so different from the values of earth.

Remember that from the point of view of the Great Worker, one poor tool,

working all the time, but doing bad work, is of small value compared with the

sharp, keen, perfect instrument, used only a short time, but which turns out the

perfect work.


Does the road wind

uphill all the way?

Yup, to the very end.

Will the journey take

the whole long day?

From morn to night, my friend.

  • C. G. Rossetti

“And in the morning, rising up a

great while before day, he went

out, and departed into a solitary

place, and there prayed.” Mark 1:35

F29 . Draw Near

How little man knows and senses My

need! My need of Love and Companionship.

I came “to draw men unto Me,” and sweet it is to feel

hearts drawing near in Love, not for help, as much is for

tender comradeship. Many know the need of man; few know the need of Christ.

“Behold, stand at the door, and knock:

if any man hear my voice, 
and open the door, I will come in to him, and will 
sup with Me, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20

Austin Unicycle School it’s not killing me; you?
Austin Unicycle SchoolBe FEARLESS!

February 20, 2o22b 5:13.04 pm

we do not need or expect any such

charges, we never asked to get added

to any market. we are in arrears due to the

current mistake. You will need to fabricate any

agreement you t h i n k anyone had with oNLIZINE.

there’s no harm; no foul. trust us, we cannot spend any

amount. we are not selling anything, ever have; at all

the twenty six years we had presence on this this

Thanks for bringing this to our attention…

ever since grabbing two of your cassettes in 1988 at a

re ord store that i ended up working at, nother branch

branch at the college used top hone some photo-skill

and way, a method: creating a musical conglomeration

for to share stages with other groups doing ‘it,’ and it’s

been about thirty years to first get past rehab; (dave’s)

TRIED TO do; as good as we could; five or siX slackers

attending, sometimes classes that did not afford the

opportunity to get beyond book learning, well, it was

not all of the group that had any more plans as that

‘career-path,’ the idea of performing, ( acting like a

goof, but still being sufficient in ability to play our

respective instruments. ) the business side of it

wasn’t too appealing to dave or Lee. Lee found

a gorgeous/smart babe of a wife, Jonathan at

the driving beat behind Grandpa Jones at a

nester stage ( grandoleopry Nashville, TN )

Steve got married like John and Lee, oh in

that graceful joy marriage, Bill went, Dave

perished that night

of October 2nd, ’92.

drunk driver in ‘ville.

Huntsville gave rise

to D&C, TDC, Dave’s

demise when waiting

for a red light to change

2.8 blocks from that pad

where most of the music of

X’s for Eyes’ second Album of


their original 22 songs filling BIG

ME DANCING September 3rd, 1991;

after winng hands down at ‘n’am T-

HOUSE beside TX A&M‘s campus. It

was pretty much a pryer that David’s

three year-old hope to play like Herb

Alpert on his nifty set of trumpet gigs


DELIGHTS,’ el better album me humble

opinion. why, maybe if i learned to play

as Herb ‘d have a gorgeous woman, likes

the one who model with all of that shavin’

creme! ahhh, but, i digress, uh, where was

i? oh yea… That was in oXford Alabama, we

found a neat grade school for my 2nd, and

rode an old bus into Aniston. well, anyway…

LiveHimFollow On

Healing Todd Rundgren http//\2 onlizinenet-pictures.tumblr soundclouddavidbuckle


am no better than anyepisodes did eclipse us all in 1992. other cats who do

feel an urge to revel in the past; as if it were palpable at this date. everything’s

growing. we grew, said ability was once ours. that chapter was a lot of fun, now

the activity’s; finale’ed is vanquished. X’s for Eyes destined to perish. Perish now.

There was great and hopeful promises arisen amid a trumpeted style impressed

upon the fellow bandmates, instructors; and that was over, way over thirty years.

‘we’ will not perform ever in any of our futures. an episode: the personal creation

of song is at it’s end. the vent for any and all creating will’s, beneficial to others.

one very hip thing was that we hung with these guys for maybe, four hours, they

caught the tail end of an industry that in reality: a big circular refuse tube that is

never ending. good for the kids of future successful attempts “doing that band.”

was kind of satisfying to be on some desktops of this world; am overly satisfied.

don’t start a band. there are hints in our effort to bring odd learning to a froth,

those gifted monies, what money gotten was for gas, HIGH LIFE, other indexes.

good man

jazz is good anywhere




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    we’re not upset, so you go well with yourself thank you.


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